Fixed Price Computer Service Charges So No Hidden Costs !

After a while your PC or laptop will no doubt start to show its age and start to slow down, or even worse - just give up and not start at all!

A slow "sluggish" PC can be caused by numerous things such as not removing old software properly, out of date software or drivers, registry corruption, faulty components starting to let you know they are about to fail (so it's a good idea to replace them before this happens) or simply your system does not have enough memory (RAM) in your PC to cope with todays memory hungry programs.Emneth Design - your local affordable PC repair company

Ementh Design's PC Repair service is unlike the high street shops where you have to spend your valuable time trying to find a parking space near the shop to take your PC to be repaired or serviced as we can come to you to collect the system or you can if you prefer drop it at us.

We offer a "fixed service fee" with the only additional costs being any parts a repair may need (new hard drive, replacement memory etc and even then those parts are charged at cost price so the lowest prices we can find!).

As part of all our repairs we will also service your pc to ensure it is running at the best speed possible FREE OF CHARGE! For our current price list please see here.

So What PC Repair Services Do Emneth Design Offer?

If your PC will not boot up, or if your system is infected with a virus, there is a beeping sound or showing you the dreaded "blue screen of death" our expert engineers should be able to take care of the problems.

We can also offer you a complete system "service" which we would highly recommend you having at least once a year. We clear all the internal fans, remove the build up of dust and debris from inside the case, check the main components for problems (hard drive, cpu, psu, memory) and we also check the operating system to make sure it is running as fast as it should be.

If you are thinking of giving your PC away or selling it onto someone else we can also securely "sanitize" your hard drive which removes all the data from the drive so your PC is left clean and with no trace of any personal information whatsoever - very important with the rise of identity theft!

We aim to get your system back to you within 24 hours - one of the benefit of using a LOCAL repair company!

What Are Our PC Repair Charges?

We do NOT charge a call out fee - we do however charge an "on-site" service fee of £45 (within a 5 mile radius of Emneth) to come to your home or premises and identify what is wrong with your PC - if the repair takes more than an hour we then charge £20 per each additional 30 minutes.

As most faults are usually located within the first hour this would be pretty unusual. Where we identify that a viral infection has been the cause of the problems we will require to take your PC back to our workshop where we can remove the infections properly before then returning the PC to you - normally the next day. We offer a FIXED off-site serivce fee of £47.50 (upto 10 miles radius of Emneth) for viral infection removals and also data recovery from a failing hard drive over to your new hard drive, new opertaing system installations etc. This fixed service charge of £47.50 is regardless of how long it may take us to get your pc back to working order (and being virus free) we will even give it a full service to tidy it up!

If your pc needs some replacment parts and we have them in stock we will then (with your consent) complete the repair or if we have to order any parts we do not carry these can be obtained usually within 48 hours so you will not be without your beloved PC for too long!

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